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    Our main goal is to offer a total solution. Our main goal is to offer a total solution. A solution that take care of our customers need, so that they can focus on their core business. This in addition leads to significant, continuous integral cost savings by reducing the supply base and the optimization of the supply chain and logistics.

    Our customized solutions provide every customer added value. The so-called building blocks method of use of our experts in the development of these solutions, concentrates on improving the three pillars, namely, purchasing, logistics and processes.

    Our professional team for project uses specific business tools tailored. Allows the team to the customer’s current situation map bring, identify key areas for improvement, calculating the potential of improvement, solution design and develop the implementation plan.

    We take care of your entire MRO management

    Cost savings, smart purchasing and process efficiency by TFS is the key to success for your organization.

    Expenditure on MRO portfolio are generally considered non-strategic expenses. As a result, there is often fragmented purchased from hundreds and several relatively small suppliers. Overall, this leads not only to low purchasing benefits, but also for a high pressure by the many number transactions.

    In the area of logistics, we usually see a potential for improvement by reducing inventory levels and reduce the risk that products age. We want to avoid a product is no longer available. We do this by improving the availability and thereby increase production uptime.

    With our Integrated Supply solutions leading companies worldwide to realize significant cost savings. TFS has in recent years worked as a specialist in the field of Integrated Supply solutions and has gained an excellent reputation in the packaging, high-tech and electronics industry.

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