MRO Outsourcing

The main objective of TFS is to provide a total solution for your organization. A solution that takes care of everything, so you can optimally engaged Keep your core business and other activities.

This also leads to significant, ongoing comprehensive cost savings by reducing the supplier base and optimizing the supply chain and logistics.


Expenditure on MSP portfolio are generally considered non-strategic expenses. As a result, there is often fragmented purchased from hundreds of different and relatively small suppliers.


In the area of logistics, we usually see a potential for improvement by reducing inventory levels and reduce the risk that products age. We want to ensure that a product is no longer available.


You can expect Total Flex SolutionsS we have an eye for these components in existing processes that can efficiently and better, so we can simplify and automate the order-to-cash process.

Also reduce your MRO costs? Total Flex Solutions thinks
along with you to effectively reduce your costs.

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